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Turning 3 Shots into Two

This approach is built around the principle of what Greg believes the game is all about:

Turning Three Shots into Two.

Greg is certain that the sooner you Turn Three Shots into Two, the faster you will enjoy higher levels of performance predictability, lower scores, and greater fulfillment.

Greg will also show you how Unlocking The Code includes eliminating as many foul balls, misfires, and unplayable shots as possible.

In order to shoot your lowest scores, proper hole strategy and course management is crucial.

When you partner with JG, together we will build an Offensive Playbook that will Apply Pressure to the Scorecard and on your opponents. To achieve this, Greg will teach you more effective course management strategies. This includes knowing when to be aggressive and when to play conservatively. Together, we will Unlock The Code (Your Code) for achieving Consistently Lower Scores and Better Performance.